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Intellect IT is a proud partner of VMware, the first company to virtualise the x86 Architecture, and continuing as one of the key providers of virtualisation software.  VMware provides digital solutions that power apps, services, and experiences which enable you to deliver the best customer service and empower your employees.


Intellect IT Partners with VMware


  • Backup
  • Replication
  • Recovery
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Small Business
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Digital Business Solutions

Enable any employee to work anywhere, anytime with seamless employee experiences.

Accelerate modern app operations with network and security virtualization for WAN, data center and cloud.

Build new cloud-native apps, modernize existing apps, and operate infrastructure that serves them all across any cloud.

Deliver any application, on any cloud, anywhere—from the core and the RAN to the edge and cloud.

Take advantage of the innovation and freedom of every cloud with the simplicity of one.

Future Ready Technology

  • Build business resilience into the core of your organization with solutions for a future-ready workforce, future-ready apps, and future-ready infrastructure.
  • Drive complexity out of your technology and prepare for the future with solutions that are engineered to give you the freedom to choose.

VMware is a cloud computing and virtualization software company that was founded in 1998. The company’s products include vSphere, vCenter Server, VMware ESXi and vSAN. VMware’s products are used by organizations of all sizes to improve efficiency and reduce costs by consolidating data centers and automating IT processes.


VMware’s products are used by organizations of all sizes to improve efficiency and reduce costs by consolidating data centers and automating IT processes. VMware’s products are used by organizations of all sizes to improve efficiency and reduce costs by consolidating data centers and automating IT processes.


VMware vSphere is a powerful, unified management platform for both containers and virtual machines. With vSphere, you can easily manage complex, modern applications as well as traditional apps and VMs on modern infrastructure. This platform has been rearchitected with native Kubernetes support, making it ideal for managing the 70+ million workloads running on vSphere. Now, you can run modern containerised applications alongside existing enterprise applications on existing infrastructure with vSphere. This makes it easy to keep your business running smoothly while still benefiting from the latest application development technologies.  With vSphere, you can reduce costs by consolidating data centers and automating IT processes.

vCenter Server

VMware vCenter Server is an advanced server management software that provides a centralised platform for controlling vSphere environments for visibility across hybrid clouds. vCenter Server delivers simplified and efficient management at scale, as well as extensibility across the hybrid cloud—all from a single console. With vCenter, you can monitor your environment, deploy applications, and

As a business grows, so does its need for efficient server management. VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized platform for controlling vSphere environments, making it easy to track and manage virtual machines (VMs) across a hybrid cloud. With vCenter Server, businesses can enjoy visibility and control over their entire IT infrastructure, while reducing operational costs.

VMWare ESXi – The Enterprise Class Hypervisor

VMware ESXi is a robust, bare-metal hypervisor that installs directly onto your physical server. With direct access to, and control of underlying resources, VMware ESXi effectively partitions hardware to consolidate applications and cut costs. It’s the industry leader for efficient architecture, setting the standard for reliability, performance, and support.

VMware ESXi consolidates hardware for higher capacity utilization, increases performance for a competitive edge, and streamlines IT administration through centralized management. VMware ESXi can reduce CapEx and OpEx, and minimise the hardware resources needed to run the hypervisor for great efficiency.


VMware vSAN is a radically simple, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution that is seamlessly integrated with VMware vSphere and vCenter Server. The single software stack enables the lowest cost and highest performance HCI solutions.

vSAN pools server-attached SSDs and HDDs to create a distributed shared datastore that abstracts the storage hardware and provides a hyperconverged storage without the need for SAN/NAS. This makes it the simplest storage platform for virtual machines—whether running business-critical applications, virtual desktops or remote IT apps.

VMware vSAN is constantly improving, with new features and capabilities being added with each release. The latest version introduces significant enhancements, such as deduplication and compression, erasure coding, improved performance and scalability, and more.

If you’re looking for a VMware-approved storage solution that is simple to use and provides the highest performance and lowest cost, VMware vSAN is the answer. Contact us today to learn more about VMware vSAN and how it can benefit your business. Intellect IT’s VMware certified and highly experienced infrastructure consultants will be able to expertly deploy and manage datacentre operations.  Please contact us for more information about the VMware portfolio of products.



Intellect Information Technology

The Perfect Solution for Companies

With VMWare's digital business solutions, Intellect IT can manage your cloud-based workspace from end to end.  Please contact us for further information on how we can assist you.

• Solarwinds MSP Backup
• Backup Radar
• Data Protection for Exchange Online & SharePoint
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VMware offers a breadth of digital solutions that powers apps, services, and experiences which enable organizations to deliver the best customer service and empower employees.
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Intellect IT is a proud Silver Partner of Dell Technologies providing your organisation with solutions from device to cloud to edge - with Dell Technologies you can innovate and adapt like never before.
Dell Technologies
Intellect IT is a proud Partner of BlackBerry Cylance providing Cylance Smart Antivirus™  which proactively protects against malware, hackers, viruses, ransomware and malicious websites.
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Intellect IT is proud to partner with HP to provide Information Technology Solutions.
Intellect IT is proud to partner with Yealink to provide Information Technology Solutions.
Intellect IT is proud to partner with Sangoma to provide Information Technology Solutions.
Intellect IT is proud to partner with KnowBe4 to provide Information Technology Solutions.
Intellect IT is proud to partner with Lenovo as a Silver Partner to provide Information Technology Solutions.
Lenovo Silver Partner
Intellect IT provides vendor-neutral technology management services specifically tailored to support your business.
Intellect IT is proud to partner with Fortinet to provide Information Technology Solutions.


VMware develops virtualization software.

Virtualization software creates an abstraction layer over computer hardware that allows the hardware elements of a single computer— processors, memory, storage, and more— to be divided into multiple virtual computers, commonly called virtual machines (VMs). Each virtual machine runs its own operating system (OS) and behaves like an independent computer, even though it is running on a portion of the actual underlying computer hardware.

This virtualization process enables more efficient utilization of computer hardware and enables a greater return on an organization’s hardware investment. It also enables cloud providers— public or private— to serve more users with their existing physical computer hardware.

  • Improved return on investment (ROI): VMware enables you to use more of a physical computer’s resources. Administrators don’t like running multiple mission-critical applications on a single server OS because if one application crashes, it can make the OS unstable and crash other applications. One way to eliminate this risk is to run each application in its own OS on its own dedicated physical server, but this is inefficient because each OS might only use 30% of a server’s CPU power. With VMware, you can run each application in its own OS on the same physical server and make better use of the physical server’s available CPU power,
  • More efficient use of energy and space: VMware lets you run more applications using fewer physical servers. Fewer physical servers require less space in your data center and less energy to power and cool.
  • Industry support: VMware is the foremost provider of virtualization services, with over 500,000 customers. A network of 75,000 partners supports customers with a wide variety of add-on products and services.

These are the various components of VMware virtualization and how they work.

VMware hypervisor

VMware virtualizes physical computers using its core hypervisor product. A hypervisor is a thin layer of software that interacts with the underlying resources of a physical computer (called the host) and allocates those resources to other operating systems (known as guests). The guest OS requests resources from the hypervisor.

The hypervisor separates each guest OS so each can run without interference from the others. Should one guest OS suffer an application crash, become unstable, or become infected with malware, it won’t affect the performance or operation of other operating systems running on the host.

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