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Enjoy up to 3X increase in performance and range with Ruckus Wi-Fi


Intellect IT Partners with Ruckus


Wireless Access Points

For Any Environment

Ruckus Wireless is a leading provider of wireless access points, switches, control and management solutions, and network analytics. Their products are designed to provide secure, reliable, and high-performance wireless networks for businesses of all sizes. Ruckus Wireless offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that includes indoor and outdoor access points, switches, controllers, and security solutions. Ruckus Wireless products are available in a variety of form factors to meet the needs of any environment.

Wireless Access Points

Ruckus offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor wireless access points to suit any budget or performance requirement. With embedded IoT connectivity, Ruckus access points are perfect for deployments of all sizes. Whether you need a single access point for a small office or hundreds of units for a large enterprise, Ruckus has a solution to fit


Ruckus ruckus ICX switches are designed to excel in a wide range of deployment scenarios. From Access to Core applications, 1GbE to 100GbE, they support copper or fibre cabling with or without PoE, and offer Multigigabit and high PoE support. ruckus ruckus ICX switches offer unmatched levels of flexibility, making them ideal for a wide variety of networking environments.

Ruckus ruckus ICX switches are designed to provide the highest levels of performance and reliability. With their superior stacking architecture and advanced features, ruckus ruckus ICX switches are the perfect choice for any deployment scenario.

Control & Management

The extensive Ruckus network management portfolio is designed to address the needs of organizations of all types and sizes.  Whether you choose cloud or on-premises, Ruckus has a solution to offer single pane of glass management for all of your Ruckus network resources.  Ruckus Cloud is a cloud-based network management system designed to reduce your on premises footprint.  While SmartZone provides on-premises control for ruckus-enabled devices in both physical or virtual controller formats.  Ruckus Unleashed offers controller-less network management for ruckus-enabled devices. All three solutions provide network simplicity and unified management whatever the size of your network.

Network Analytics

Ruckus network analytics is a cloud service for network analytics and assurance. It is powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). By using Ruckus Analytics, you can gain insights into your network performance and identify potential issues before they cause problems. Ruckus Analytics can help you improve your network performance and keep your users happy.

Secure Network Access

Ruckus Cloudpath enrolment system is software that provides secure network access for any user on any device. It is a versatile and easy to use solution that helps organizations deliver better security and improved productivity by simplifying the process of on-boarding new users and devices onto your networks.


Proprietary Technologies

What Sets Ruckus Apart


A RUCKUS network consistently delivers required network performance to every end user, no matter how challenging the environment.

RUCKUS patented and proprietary technologies yield demonstrably better end-user experience than other vendors.

  • BeamFlex smart antenna technology reduces interference and increases signal strength, allowing Ruckus products to outperform those of other vendors. BeamFlex provides over 3X increase in performance and range.

  • ChannelFly, another Ruckus proprietary technology, dynamically manages channels in congested environments, further improving performance. As a result, Ruckus Networks consistently delivers the better network performance to every end user.

See the latest 3rd party performance and stress test report at Commscope

Ruckus Indoor - Intellect IT
RUCKUS devices are designed to be simple to deploy and manage. With zero touch provisioning (ZTP), any new RUCKUS device that’s connected will be automatically provisioned with proper software and policies, saving time and minimizing configuration errors. The exact same process is used for APs and switches thanks to controller-based management of wired and wireless devices. Ruckus offers single pane of glass management of both wired and wireless devices. Ruckus devices are designed to be simple to deploy and manage, with zero touch provisioning (ZTP) that automatically provisions new devices with the proper software and policies. This process works for both APs and switches, thanks to controller-based management of wired and wireless devices. from a single pane of glass. Ruckus offers single pane of glass management of both wired and wireless devices that will save you time and minimize configuration errors.
Ruckus is committed to innovation and offers a number of features that set it apart from the competition. Ruckus Analytics brings the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to network assurance. The system uses machine learning to automatically identify service incidents and then uses artificial intelligence to classify them by order of severity. The system then automatically identifies root causes and makes specific remediation recommendations. This helps to keep your network running smoothly and efficiently. Innovation is key to Ruckus, and they are always working on new ways to improve their products and services. We believe that this commitment to innovation is what sets Ruckus apart from the competition.
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Future-Proofed Solution

Ruckus Networks is known for its adaptability. A single Ruckus network can support LAN, WLAN and IoT end-users, eliminating the need to deploy new networks to support emerging operations/IoT initiatives. This makes Ruckus an ideal choice for organizations who want a future-proofed solution that can adapt as their needs change.


Intellect Information Technology

Expertise & Experience

With years of experience and many large and complex Wi-Fi projects under our belt.  You’re in safe hands with Intellect IT for your next WiFi project.  Please contact us for more information about Ruckus Wi-Fi.

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