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If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that disaster can strike at any moment. From big to small businesses, all have suffered because of prolonged lockdowns and reduced customer traffic. But disasters don’t always come in the form of a pandemic; they can be a cyber attack that results in a data breach, hardware faults, extensive power outages, system failures or operation downtime.

Did you know that about 60% of small businesses that are victims of cyber attacks go out of business within 6 months? How confident are you that your business will be able to recover from a cyber attack? Having well-established business continuity solutions in place can help save your business from the same fate as 60% others in case of a cyber attack. This is where we, Intellect IT, come into play.

The inevitability of a cyber attack

Cyber attacks have become the top threat to businesses in recent years, with data breaches being a close second. Regardless of how small your business is, never believe it is too small to tempt an attacker. Interestingly, 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, possibly because many small businesses do not have the necessary firewalls, encryptions or security practices to block their advances. Having sound cybersecurity and a good business continuity plan can make the difference between whether your business sinks or floats following a cyber attack.

The codependency of cybersecurity and business continuity

No business plan is complete without a section on cybersecurity. Similarly, cybersecurity should work together with your business plan to create a fool-proof plan, both to minimise the damage to your business and to help it bounce back. Integrating the two involves combining the minds of two teams—business continuity and cybersecurity—to protect both your and your customers’ data and restoring backups as quickly as possible to prevent shutdowns.

Cyber attacks costs small and medium businesses millions of dollars

Ransomeware, viruses, phishing emails, spyware and other kinds of cyber attacks cause Australian businesses roughly $29 billion per year. For an average business, that comes up to about $276,323 per breach. It can also take a business up to 51 days to resolve a ransomware attack. With numbers like these, it’s little wonder so many small businesses never recover from a cyber attack.

How Intellect IT can help

Not only can we help you recover from any kind of cyberattack or system failure, network damage or a server crash in as little time as possible, Intellect IT can help you design business continuity solutions to help you get back on your feet. Whether you’re an independent contractor or a large corporation, or any size of business in between, our team has the expertise and the resources to provide high-end solutions for all your cybersecurity needs.

Not just this, we also provide regular testing of your backup recovery systems to ensure you’re fully protected at all times. At very competitive prices, we offer both quality and reliability through our specialists who have expertise of over 20 years!

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