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Staying Ahead of the Cyber Security Game

Intellect IT recently hosted the first webinar in our “Be Secure”, series titled “Staying Ahead of the Cyber Security Game”.  Where we focus on current cybersecurity trends. 

Our guest speaker, Glenn Maiden from FortiGuard Labs spoke about the following topics:

  • Predominance of financially motivated hacking.
  • Rise in state sponsored hacking.
  • Ransomware growth through better organisation of criminal organisations.
  • Huge and concerning increase in Wiper malware.
  • How compromised credentials are being used to easily gain access to a victim’s network.
  • We spoke about who the common targets are.
  • Discussed the importance of securing critical infrastructure.

You can access a recording of the webinar by clicking on the following link: Feel free to revisit the content or share it with colleagues and friends who may have missed the opportunity to attend. We believe that the webinar recording will serve as a valuable resource for further learning.

Glenn Maiden has also been kind enough to share some valuable cyber security related resources. These resources will include relevant cyber security sites that can further enhance your understanding of this topic.  Along with a list of cyber security experts who Glenn follows on Twitter.  These resources can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:   

Thank you for taking the time to attend or view the recording of our webinar and for your active contribution. We genuinely appreciate your participation, and I hope to have the opportunity to engage with you in future events.


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