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When it comes to Next-Generation Firewalls that provide an all-in-one security solution, the Sophos Firewall is ideal.

Sophos Firewall is ideal for protecting your business when it coms to online transactions. Using multiple devices and applications to manage your IT security can actually create additional security risks rather than solving them. For example, having multiple antivirus programs installed can cause issues such as both programs conflicting with each other, and can end up leaving your IT network unprotected altogether. Sophos Firewall Is ideal when it comes to Next-Generation Firewalls that provide an all-in-one security solution.

So, why is it ideal and how does it protect your business from digital threats?

An all-in-one approach to IT security made simple

Being more than just an effective UTM (Unified Threat Management), the Sophos Firewall also provides protection relating to web servers, antivirus, malware, networks,emails, WiFi and more. This means you don’t have to configure and manage multiple programs and deal with the stress that comes with it. Everything is managed through its intuitive real-time dashboard, making it effective and easy to manage as an all-in-one IT security solution.

A versatile next-gen firewall

Featuring deep Layer-7 inspection, the powerful Sophos Firewall lets you create and setup custom filters to gain full control over your network. These filters allow you to perform tasks such as analyse, intercept and modify the traffic speed on your business’s IT network. Gaining back full control over your network, you can easily choose to allow, block, shape and prioritise applications as you see fit. You will also receive automatic updates and feedback on all applications.

Enhanced network security

The Sophos UTM Firewall is also an effective way to prevent future IT failures from happening, as it is very efficient at detecting various incoming digital attacks. As multiple incoming attacks can be difficult to handle, its consolidated framework is incredibly effective at protecting against digital attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) which can gain unauthorised access and enter the network undetected until identified. This also results in your business being able to respond much quicker to digital threats.

Superior protection

With features including built-in Behavioural Genotype® Protection, this advanced UTM Firewall protects your business and your staff from everyday threats such as phishing emails, spam, malware and much more. Using techniques such as URL Tracking, Obfuscation Detection, Heuristics and Sophos SXL Technology, it offers real-time protection against the ever-evolving spam tactics.

Always stay connected

Ensuring your staff can always connect to the business network is made easy with Sophos RED (Remote Ethernet Devices). Acting as a ‘virtual Ethernet cable’, it sends all traffic through to the UTM Firewall. This allows all your offsite and remote locations to easily connect to the network and still receive superior protection. All data that is shared through the firewall is encrypted using AES: 256-bit, which is the highest level of encryption.

With a range of additional benefits including the ability to quickly create policies and detailed reports, the Sophos Firewall is one of the leading UTM Firewalls. To learn more information about how this powerful UTM can protect your network, contact us on 1300 799 165 to discuss your needs today. Alternatively, browse our Intellect IT website for all the information you need regarding our range of professional IT services.

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