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Intellect IT protect any network edge at any scale using the Next-Generation firewall solution.

As opposed to established organisations, smaller businesses must not make the mistake of assuming that they will be too small to become the target of digital threats such as hackers. In fact, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) reported in May this year that many Australian businesses suffered from a rise in cyber attacks.

Seeing how October is recognised as National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it is the perfect time for smaller Melbourne businesses to understand just how important having network security in Victoria is.

Understanding the need for network security

Most SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) can operate on very limited resources. This can mean that business leaders may not think that there is not enough spending budget or time available for prioritising their network security measures. This can often result in the hardware and software the company is using becoming outdated, leaving the business vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The mindset small businesses need to have is to consider their cyber security in the same regard as the physical security of their building. This involves designing and creating a cyber security plan which outlines the best and most updated network security practices.

By turning to Intellect IT, our experienced team of network security consultants can assist you in this process by conducting a comprehensive security assessment and vulnerability review of your entire business’s IT infrastructure. We will then recommend and offer any required security enhancements to ensure your network is secure and your confidential company data is kept safe.

Best practices recommended for small businesses

Turning to a managed IT service provider for effective network security in Victoria will avoid your business from becoming a victim of a cyber attack. Small businesses can also aid this by implementing online security practices such as:

  • Restricting access permissions

Simple yet effective, restricting access permissions to shared applications and files will minimise the amount of potential routes for accessing sensitive and confidential data. Instead of allowing most staff to have admin privileges, access needs to be allocated only to employees who require it and then revoking it when it is no longer needed.

  • Backing up all data

It is essential for small businesses to ensure that all their data is backed up in the event of a threat such as a ransomware attack. If data is stolen, it will be encrypted and the hacker will blackmail the business to pay a fee for its return. This is why cloud storage is a popular choice. It allows documents to be accessed by staff from anywhere and also offers a sophisticated way for smaller businesses to improve their data security.

  • Upgrading security

Upgrading security solutions such as switching to next-generation firewalls will make it easier to detect potential threats to the business’s network. They also provide increased security solutions such as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide the business’s original IP (Internet Protocol) address from hackers with a temporary one.

To ensure your specific IT needs are addressed and solved, turn to Intellect IT for effective and affordable network security in Victoria. Explore our website to view our entire range of IT services or call us today 1300 799 165 to discuss how we can assist with your specific IT challenges.