Remote access solutions

Best practice when working from home

If your staff need access to Internal resources. You will need a means for them to easily connect to the office network.

  • Ensure home devices have a good antivirus solution. This will help protect your company assets.
  • Use remote solutions such Remote Desktop Services (RDS, also referred to as RDP). This allows your staff to access in-house applications
  • Ensure that your staff can connect to your company resources securely. Only give access to what is required in order to reduce your security exposure.

For example:

We utilise Fortinet FortiClient VPN client on home PC’s to allow remote staff to securely connect to shared network resources. Once connected to the office network, we use Remote Desktop Services to allow access to applications such as Quicken and other internal line of business systems.

FortiClient VPN Logo and RDP Logo

A good VPN client like FortiClient should be an essential resource when remote desk-topping to work


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