Business Continuity

Assessing the impact of an IT failure on your business

How would your business cope in the event of an IT systems failure? If an incident occurred, does your organisation have a plan to cope if information is lost? How long would it take to get back to normal business? Customers may lose faith or purchase from competitors if they are unable to trade with you.


Business IT systems are the target of deliberate attacks but they can also be taken down by staff error or natural events, such as a flood. Now that technology plays a vital role in most company processes, the impact of being without it is crippling and can have serious financial ramifications due to loss in trade or loss of information.


The importance of IT business continuity is no longer a consideration for just enterprise sized business; it should be part of every company?s risk management strategy. Implementing a business continuity plan is simpler than you might think. A risk assessment will identify the likelihood of a loss in IT and telecommunications systems and the impact this business interruption would have.


Strategies to protect technology might include maintaining the same equipment at different locations, or retaining older versions as emergency spares. Actions to protect information might be to ensure data is backed-up regularly and stored off site.



IT business continuity should be a key part of incident management and recovery of critical activities for every organisation. Intellect IT provides a comprehensive continuity solution at a competitive cost to give your company peace of mind. Visit the website for more details at

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