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Intellect ITs response to Cyber Attacks ACSC Recommendations

Intellect IT welcomes the Prime Minister’s announcement about Cyber Attacks and ACSC’s Recommendations.

Firstly, it is a timely reminder of the importance of our Security work with Cyber Attacks. Furthermore it highlights how we can address exactly the risks outlined by the PM.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australia is being targeted by a “sophisticated state-based cyber actor”. It is a wake-up call we all need to be reminded of.  Following that, the Federal Government’s cyber watchdog the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) released this advisory notice.


The ACSC advisory refers to the threat actor.  Firstly the threat actor uses known vulnerability points. Secondly, these points target internet systems. Thirdly, the actor adopts spear phishing techniques.  Most Importantly the actor uses email to lure users into following links.  Moreover, these links are to credential harvesting websites or to download malicious files.

Cyber Attacks and ACSC Recommendations

The ACSC made two recommendations to reduce risks against these cyber-attacks.

  • Prompt patching of internet-facing software, operating systems and devices
  • Use of multi-factor authentication across all remote access services. Including:
    • web and cloud-based email
    • collaboration platforms
    • virtual private network connections
    • remote desktop services.

Most importantly, the ACSC has made a recommendation regarding Cyber Attacks to organisations. This is to consider implementing the Australian Signals Directorate Essential Eight controls. In other words, use the set of controls considered to be the gold standard for organisations in preparing against cyber threats.

How Can Intellect IT Help?

The ACSC recommendations for Cyber Attacks is clear.  The best defence against these attacks is to do two things. Firstly keep your systems up to date. Secondly use two-factor authentication.

Intellect IT can help make both recommended actions easy for you.

Firstly we patch all Expert Care customers‘ end user devices and servers that are covered by your service agreement. Most importantly, we work hard to keep your systems up to date safely so you do not have to. Please contact us if you would like to explore the benefits of this service.

Furthermore we can deploy two-factor authentication across your organisation. We have implemented two-factor authentication across our own company.  In addition we have been steadily helping clients deploy it within their organisations. We are skilled and experienced. in other words, we can work with you to make the transition to two-factor authentication.

In addition, a layer of protection we also recommend leveraging  is Cylance Optics. This powerful threat detection and response tool works alongside Cylance Protect to identify and stop attacks if they make it through to your system.

If you have any questions, concerns, or if you would like assistance ensuring your environment is patched and secured with two-factor authentication, please contact us.

In summary, through our partnership with the ACSC we will be briefed in detail about this advisory notice in the coming days. We will forward on any relevant information where appropriate.

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