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MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are third-party IT experts who are hired by businesses to maintain and monitor various aspects of their IT infrastructure. Even though outsourcing to an MSP like Intellect IT for managed IT services in Melbourne is a much more cost-effective and efficient IT support option, some myths can still float around.

So, to separate fact from fiction, here are the most common misconceptions when it comes to outsourcing to a managed IT service provider:

  •  Your company data won’t be that secure

A common myth is that if your business gets hacked, managed service providers don’t lose anything, so why would they go to all that effort to try and protect your data?

In reality, managed IT service providers wouldn’t stay in business very long if we didn’t take every possible step in ensuring that your data and systems are safe. Apart from being one of the main reasons why businesses outsource to an MSP, we take every possible measure to protect your sensitive data and private information.

We offer a range of effective onsite/offsite data storage and protection solutions. Our team can design a tailored storage solution utilising cloud storage technologies that are specific to your IT challenges and budget.

  • You will lose control of your IT operations

Another myth is that outsourcing to an MSP will result in managers losing control over their IT operations, causing friction down the road.

The control that you choose to give up is completely dependent on your agreement with the MSP. Before you outsource to managed IT services in Melbourne, you should set out clear expectations. You should define your specific requirements before proceeding and ensure the MSP you are choosing won’t challenge your control.

  • They are too expensive

There is a myth floating around that outsourcing to an MSP results in expensive monthly fees. They can’t guarantee operational cost savings or validate their cost-effectiveness.

Internal IT and maintenance are responsible for some of the highest expenditures. It turns out that there are many surveys and studies which have highlighted that outsourcing to an MSP is much more cost-effective and can save on operational costs. In 2017, Cisco conducted a study which showed that MSPs reduce overall in-house costs by around 40%.

  • It creates internal confusion

This last misconception is that when new technologies are integrated, employees will need to learn how to use them, creating an adoption period. This will stall productivity and create confusion between staff members.

Most MSPs are used for the more technical aspects which don’t really impact the day-to-day activities of staff. The most common need for MSPs is for storage management, spam/antivirus filtering and back up and disaster recovery.

Most staff members won’t interact with these services. MSPs handle and manage the backend technology, freeing up IT from handling recurring technical tasks.

For a range of affordable and effective managed IT services in Melbourne, reach out to us at Intellect IT. Contact our friendly team on 1300 799 165 to find out how we can assist your IT needs or explore our website to learn more information.

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