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Intellect IT provide a range of Managed Professional Services

Business Continuity and Backup Recovery are Important for Your Business. It takes just one problem or issue to create a situation for your business and suffer heavy losses. You can stop serious interruptions to your critical operations, by partnering with an IT MSP (Managed Service Provider) will ensure your business can quickly deal with whatever issue with minimal downtime.

Here at Intellect IT we want our customers to know that when your business uses services such as Microsoft Office 365, did you know that it doesn’t backup your data and there is a data loss disclaimer located in their terms and service?  This is why having business continuity solutions as part of your business plan is crucial. As part of Intellect IT’s range of business continuity solutions, we offer Microsoft 365 data protection and backup services to ensure you can fully recover from your backups in an unfortunate event.

Backup and recovery testing to prepare your business

Are you confident that your business could recover from an event such as a cyber attack? Is 100% of your data recoverable? The only way to know this is to perform tests on your business software solutions and ensure that this is the case. We specialise in data continuity and can perform these tests and ensure that all of your data is backed up securely. If it is proven that your company is vulnerable to data loss  then working with us will help you develop an action plan to make sure your company becomes100% secure.

24 hour support

As part of our business continuity solutions, 24/7 remote monitoring, maintenance, support and issue resolution services are offered. This isn’t just to help you sleep better at night, data breaches can happen anytime day or night so round the clock protection is warranted.

Part of this service means that we determine that security services are up-to-date and stay that way, monitor your network for responsiveness and performance, perform regular maintenance of backup solutions as part of our policy to correct and ensure best practice.

Cloud storage solutions

Whatever the type of data you store – it always needs to be securely protected. To avoid other issues such as servers  full capacity, we provide off-site and on-site data storage options, whatever your budget and needs. Contact us to find out our full range of options.

We offer many services such as Disk to Disk (D2D), Disk to Disk to Tape, Tape Drives, Loaders & Libraries, De-duplication, Off-site Replication as part of our business continuity solutions.

We offer a wide range of bespoke business IT services, our experienced and friendly team at Intellect IT will work closely with you to implement the most effective business continuity solutions according to your IT challenges and needs. Contact us today and get started in having your data 100% recoverable and secure.

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