WiFi Solutions

WiFi Solutions

While there is always a place for wired network connectivity, there’s no doubt that wireless networking is now the preferred connectivity method for most organisations. The flexibility that a wireless network provides in terms of location and device connectivity can’t be beaten and this has driven the adoption of WiFi solutions around infrastructure/device management and operational policies such as support for BYOD.

Not many organisations have the luxury of ‘ripping-and-replacing” their network, or re-building from scratch, so seamless integration of your wireless infrastructure with your existing network is the key to optimal performance.

Meru Networks

Meru Networks Wireless LAN

The Meru Networks Wireless LAN portfolio is just one example of a vendor offering integration with any network infrastructure, while also changing the way that your wireless network operates.

For example, Meru WiFi uses technologies such as Virtual Cell where all the wireless access points are viewed as a single virtual access point by devices, allowing less disruptive roaming, and transparent load balancing for latency sensitive applications such as voice.

At Intellect IT, we can recommend the best way to improve and optimise your wireless infrastructure and select the right WiFi solution that will work best with your existing network. Contact us to discuss your needs or to organise a personal demonstration.

WIFI Solutions