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BYOD Security Solutions

The ability to quickly and easily grant wireless access to staff and visitors has become a “must-have” option for any organisation. Driven largely by the demand for BYOD, wireless networking solutions have had to deal with the complexities of multiple types of devices, operating systems and user skill levels.

Despite this evolution, a BYOD wireless solution must still simplify the overall on-boarding process, freeing up costly IT resources, without compromising security. It must also be able to work with existing wireless infrastructure, negating the need for costly “rip-and-replace” solutions.



Meru Networks



Meru Connect

In our work with schools and businesses, we have evaluated many BYOD security solutions and found the Meru Connect platform provides the best mix of features, security and ease-of-use on the market today.

Meru Connect is a software platform for on-boarding guest and employee devices on

  • ANY mobile device
  • ANY vendor’s network infrastructure

With role and policy based provisioning for wireless and wired networks, you get granular control over who and what devices get access, as well as the level of access provided.

For more information on the Meru Connect platform, contact us for a discussion and we can explore the option of setting up a live, personal demonstration for you.