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Business continuity and disaster recovery protection

IT Business Continuity Consulting

If your business IT systems fail due to hardware failure, network damage, malicious hacking, fire or other disaster, you need to be able to recover rapidly. Without effective business continuity systems many businesses never fully recover from a critical IT failure. Intellect IT can help to protect your business with comprehensive business continuity systems and rapid disaster recovery.

Making enterprise level protection accessible at any size

Intellect IT provides expertise and resources to design business continuity solutions for businesses of any size. With the continued evolution of cloud technologies, all businesses can now enjoy a level of powerful business continuity protection previously only available to the largest of enterprises.

Backup and recovery testing to prepare your business

How confident are you that you can recover 100% from your backups? It’s surprising how many organisations haven’t run suitable tests to determine how well they can recover using their existing backup solution.

A high end solution incorporating redundant backup hardware, offsite data storage and comprehensive management provides total peace of mind but without careful planning, the costs of this solution can grow to an unsustainable level.

At Intellect IT, we can provide a comprehensive business continuity solution offering the same peace of mind at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality or reliability through the following services:

  • Backup server subscription providing temporary server replacements within hours
  • Backup recovery testing on a regular basis
  • Full system recovery testing
  • Partial files testing to determine if your backups are readable and recoverable.


Whatever your business continuity needs, Intellect IT can provide proactive monitoring, maintenance and management. We provide the networking expertise to connect your staff and business systems so that you can stay focused on your business:

  • Disk to Disk (D2D)
  • Disk to Disk to Tape
  • Tape Drives, Loaders & Libraries
  • De-duplication
  • Off-site Replication
  • EMC
  • Microsoft
  • VMWare
  • Symantec
  • Other vendors