The Intellect IT team

Deep expertise, responsive personal service

To provide the right people to support your business, the Intellect IT team combines the expertise of a highly experienced group of IT and communications professionals. Our team have lives outside of business and we know that you do too. When it comes to business though, we work tirelessly to ensure that your business and communication systems work as expected. We know that building strong relationships is the key to understanding your business and providing the best possible IT and communications support.

Max Soukhomlinov

Max Soukhomlinov – Director

Max brings to every Intellect IT customer engagement, energy and a passion for finding the best possible solution.

With a zest for life, Max enjoys travelling, good food and wine and taking unforgettable photos of his experiences.

Drawing on his extensive international experience across a range of industries and organisations, Max is particularly interested in helping businesses grow through the most efficient use of technology.

Roy Solterbeck

Roy Solterbeck – Director

Intellect IT’s clients appreciate Roy’s approachable and open nature as it ensures a high level of trust is quickly developed.

Having spent his early years as a dive instructor, professional life guard and resort manager, Roy revels in the outdoors. This has continued with his love of scuba diving, fishing and triathlons – assuming his body continues to co-operate.

As a ‘can-do’ person, Roy makes sure any matters are quickly and professionally dealt with and drives this behaviour throughout the Intellect IT team.

Stephen Allan

Stephen Allan – Director

With over 16 years in the IT industry working with a diverse range of technology, businesses and industry groups, Stephen has built a reputation for honesty and straight-talking that Intellect IT customers really value.

Combined with his strong analytical approach, and technical knowledge, he is able to cut through to the heart of any problem, providing clarity on the best way to move forward.

This approach also serves him well with his passion for the outdoors, world travel and dealing with his two energetic young boys who are still trying to work out how to outsmart their dad!


Sharon Lin – Sales Support

As a teenager Sharon was drawn into the world of IT during the dot com boom. After studying for her BA with RMIT, she began working as a webmaster in her home town of Singapore. Soon after, Sharon began working as a product manager in the IT distribution industry.

Six years later she joined Intellect IT as our Sales Support Specialist. Sharon loves the dynamics of her role, from supporting our internal sales team to working with our various IT vendors and distributors.

As a self-confessed foodie, in her free time she’s either cooking or baking, or seeking out new cafes for a tasty weekend brunch!

 Daksha_2398 low res web

 Daksha Nadarajah – Service Desk Team Leader

After 14yrs in Sydney, in early 2017 Daksha returned to Melbourne and joined us here at Intellect IT.

With over 18yrs experience in the IT industry, a Bachelor of Commerce, and a double major in Management Information Systems and E-Commerce, Daksha brings a wealth of talent and skill to her role as our Service Desk Co-ordinator.  A strong advocate for dependability, resilience, and sincerity, she’s loves contributing to our team through teaching, and passing on her knowledge.

Daksha is passionate about music, theatre and travel. She’s enjoying rediscovering Melbourne with her 3yr old son, exploring both old and new destinations

Here what Daksha thinks about working at Intellect IT:

Corporate Headshot

Priyan Kulaweera – Service Desk Engineer

After graduating from Perth Uni, Priyan continued to his desire for learning, dabbling in software development, as well as earning certifications from Cisco and Microsoft. With over 8yrs IT experience, he then joined the Intellect IT Service Desk team mid-2017.

Priyan’s passion is solving problems. Combined with his positive can-do attitude, he’s always on the look out for a way to help anyone figure out and fix what’s broken.

In his spare time if he’s not out in the bush on his latest 4×4 adventure, you’ll find him enjoying his second greatest passion, restoring cars. Something that Mrs Priyan thinks he might be a little too passionate about!

Simon Green – Remote Management Engineer

Simon began his career at Intellect IT back in 2011 when he joined our service desk team.

After a solid 5yrs of frontline service and support, he was invited to help grow our remote monitoring and management (RMM) department.

Simon has been instrumental in helping our RMM become the seamless, almost invisible presence that it is for our managed clients.

Not to mention the efficiency gains he’s made possible so our current service desk team can do more, with less, and in a shorter time frame.

With his methodical approach to troubleshooting and a keen eye for detail, Simon is always on the look-out for ways to automate any one of the numerous behind-the-scenes IT processes.

Even though Simon loves tech, in his spare time he enjoys being a Dad to two young sons, or immersing himself in the lost art of letter writing.

He’s got enough ink and fountain pens to start his own stationary business!


Neil McCallum – Senior Engineer

With over 20 years’ experience in IT, communications, and electronics, Neil has accomplished much in his career. From humble beginnings on a helpdesk he’s gained valuable experience working for the likes of Fujitsu, right through to positions with Federal Government.

He’s been involved with large scale desktop rollouts, ground up design and implementation of IT systems, building out of data centres, as well as designing and building simulators for trains, helicopters, and defence.

Neil has a keen eye for detail, a methodical work ethic, and an inner desire to leave no stone unturned in his quests for root cause & solutions. He understands the importance of having a solid customer focus and ensuring they’re number one in all his endeavours.

In his spare time Neil loves creating artisan furniture, sculptured from beautiful hardwoods. We reckon he fells his own tress when he takes off in his Pathfinder to go camping on mountain tops.

See what Neil has to say about working at Intellect IT:


Emilio Diaz – Helpdesk Engineer

Emilio arrived in Melbourne in 2010 from Venezuela after graduating from Swinburne University. He has started his IT career in Australia, after working for different organizations in a good range of industries such as education, government and telecommunications. He joined IntellectIT in 2018.

Emilio brings to IntellectIT great customer services skills and a great attitude, combined with training in Microsoft and Cisco.

In his spare time Emilio enjoys camping, hiking, and surfing. He loves being outdoors, so he enjoys summer more than winter.

 Andrew Patchell – Account Manager

Andrew started with Hewlett-Packard after completing his university degree, which led to a working career in New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, London, and the USA.

From there he moved back home and into the SMB market, as a partner in a successful Melbourne based MSP for over 15yrs.

He joined our team last year and with strong technical and strong customer service skills, as well as a jovial attitude, he is really relishing the move into Account Management.

Outside of work Andrew is a proud father to 2 boys and enjoys camping, sailing, snowboarding and collecting cars. He loves his part of the world on the Mornington Peninsula and believes in living life to the fullest so he enjoys keeping busy and cramming as much into his days as possible.

Travis Bawden – Account Manager

Travis has over 20 years of technical, sales and project management experience from the Information Technology sector. He has worked in many different industries, giving him a wealth of experience and diverse knowledge, which allows him to quickly understand IT issues from a business’s perspective.

Intellect IT customers find Travis’s friendly nature and down to earth attitude makes him a pleasure to deal with.

Spending his downtime travelling and indulging in his other passion, motorsport, Travis can often be found riding on a quiet winding backroad or in enjoying a good meal in a country hotel.

Erin Cully  – RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)

Erin started in IT back in 2001 working at her university’s help desk. From there she continued to grow and learn in the IT space, eventually landing at a small MSP. That MSP had big dreams, and over the years Erin worked there it grew from a little MSP to a large MSP covering multiple states with multiple offices.

Erin moved to Australia in early 2014 and brought with her years of MSP and RMM (remote monitoring and management) experience, making her the perfect choice to manage Intellect’s RMM systems. She works hard behind the scenes to keep systems running smoothly.

Outside of work Erin is very busy with her young daughter, but when she has time, she enjoys gaming and painting.

Erin talks about working at Intellect IT and the tools she uses and has brought on board

James To  – Senior Engineer

James has been in the IT field for over 15 years, including some time spent in the Australian Defence Force.  His career has spanned application and helpdesk support to project engineering for Telcos and large companies. He has also worked as lead tech and in pre-sales.

James now focuses on large scale multi-site rollouts, network design and implementations, and wi-fi design and implementation.

James has two very young twins that keep him busy outside of work, but when he has the time he enjoys good food and wine.

Here what James has to say about working at Intellect IT

Clive Derwent  – Business Development Specialist

Clive has over 30 years in sales and marketing but is relatively new to IT with about 10 years in technology.

He has worked in a few different industries and has broad business and marketing knowledge which allows him to quickly assess your company’s unique issues and provide you with the most appropriate solution for the future.

Clive spends his leisure time with his wife and two daughters. On the weekend if you are in the inner west, you’ll probably find him out on his bike with his girls or down at the soccer pitch.  When travelling it usually involves a vineyard with a great view