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The Major Features Of Next-Generation Firewalls

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Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) have most of the qualities of basic firewalls and a lot of other additional features. One thing that should be clearly noted at this point is that all NGFW vendors do not offer the entire list of features that come along with this device. Often, vendors may add additional licenses on these […]

How Can Palo Alto Networks Protect Your Business?

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As technology shifts and evolves so do the opportunities as to how we conduct business. Inevitably, the associated online threats also adapt and modify to present new risks. As IT teams grapple with the complexities of safely connecting a wide range of devices and users with differing levels of technology savviness, the requirement to keep […]

Are your students finding ways around your network security?

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School networks face a proliferation of threats from many new applications and devices. And traditional solutions offer very little protection because students can, and do, get around them. They can be accessing whatever they want, whenever they want. Until now, you couldn’t get the visibility and control you need without compromising security or usability. Intellect […]