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Can Meru Networks Help Your Business?

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Wi-Fi, it’s everywhere and we now expect it, we also demand it to be fast and reliable too. With a notoriously flaky history of drop outs and weak signals, its evolution has been dramatic. Its penetration in to corporate networks is testament to the efforts of vendors, who have driven the technology and products to […]

Gigabit WiFi with 802.11ac

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The 802.11ac solution with the fastest speeds in the industry It’s hard to control the explosion of Wi-Fi devices and multimedia applications, but Meru can help you be ready. Tap into the full potential of 802.11ac with Meru Networks’s new AP832 access points. So you can offer gigabit Wi-Fi to your users by: Meeting the […]

Are your students finding ways around your network security?

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School networks face a proliferation of threats from many new applications and devices. And traditional solutions offer very little protection because students can, and do, get around them. They can be accessing whatever they want, whenever they want. Until now, you couldn’t get the visibility and control you need without compromising security or usability. Intellect […]