Why Business Continuity Solutions are Essential for Your Business

Business Continuity Solutions

Comprehensive business continuity solutions and planning is now more important than ever, as more and more companies move their systems, applications and invaluable data to the cloud.  In fact, around 60 per cent of major organisations experience significant IT problems approximately once a month, with even more companies experiencing major issues at least once a year. Statistics such as these are simply staggering if you consider just how much regular failures would cost businesses – no matter the size.

If your business IT systems fail due to physical disasters such as fire or flood, or internal disruptions such as hardware failure, network damage, or even malicious hacking, you need to be able to recover as quick as possible in order to prevent significant losses. Failing to implement business continuity solutions is also detrimental in the long term, with many businesses unable fully recover from critical IT failures due to lack of rapid disaster recovery plans.  Our recommendation? Backup your data and run recovery testing to prepare your business for unwanted IT system failure. A high end solution comprising redundant backup hardware, offsite data storage and effective management will ensure you’re 100% prepared for anything that may come your way, offering total peace of mind.

Intellect IT provide all-inclusive business continuity solutions for any organisation, large and small, at a reasonable cost, without sacrificing quality or reliability. Through the following services applicable to multiple technologies, we can help you be fully prepared for any unexpected disaster:

– backup server subscription

– backup recovery testing

– Full system recovery testing

– Partial files testing that determine if your backups are fully recoverable

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