The Major Features Of Next-Generation Firewalls

Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) have most of the qualities of basic firewalls and a lot of other additional features. One thing that should be clearly noted at this point is that all NGFW vendors do not offer the entire list of features that come along with this device. Often, vendors may add additional licenses on these other features so that the customers have to pay extra to get a hold of the entire force of Next-Generation Firewalls. These other options can be made available through a cloud service and kept separate from the main firewall. 

When you purchase a Next-Generation Firewall from a vendor it is extremely important to understand that if you buy one of the licensed features, what happens when your subscription expires. Do you lose the entire strength of the firewall? Will it still work with the basic functions and only the paid ones will stop working? 

Intellect IT is your one-stop solution for internet security. They can analyze your business and tell you what will be better suited to your operations. In order to make a sensible and smart decision for your company, it is a good idea to learn in detail about the key features of NGFW. 

Anti-Malware/ Antivirus

When a file is downloaded or uploaded it passes through a firewall. At this point, the firewall can perform a basic assessment which is signature-based in most cases. The scanning will confirm whether there is malware in the file that has been detected in the past too. This feature will only work if the license is completely updated to its latest version. If the files are encrypted, this feature will not work. 

URL Checking And Web Proxy

This is a very useful feature of Next-Generation Firewalls. Web Proxy works on decrypting an HTTPS session from both ends. It acts like a webserver to the browsing computer and for the webserver, it imitates the behaviour of a browser. 

At the URL Checking end, it basically checks through a large collection of web pages that are known to be bad and confirms whether the particular web page in question is one of those or not. These two types of security measures are not only used to fish out malware, they can be also used to implement policies against illegal content or adult sites, etc. 

There are many other features also such as Geolocation, Sandboxing, Application Firewall, Load Balancing, etc. Most Next-Generation Firewalls do not have all these features in the actual package. You will have to purchase the license for some of these separately and get it renewed periodically for it to function optimally. 

How To Choose The Best Next-Gen Firewall For Yourself

There are several different vendors offering excellent next-gen firewalls today, such as Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Forcepoint and more. To make the right selection, first, you need to analyze your expected usage. What do you actually need the firewall for? Make a list of all your requirements based on their importance. Then you need to check out vendors for NGFW and select the one that provides all or most of your requirements. There are some benefits that you should look for in a Next-Gen Firewall before deciding to go for it:

  • Fastest Detection Time

Currently, the industry average detection time for a threat is somewhere between 100 and 200 days. However, an NGFW should detect any potential threats within seconds. A successful breach should be detected within a few hours at the most. You can even put alerts on high priority so that you can take defensive action right away. 

  • Detailed Network Visibility

You cannot possibly expect to be protected from something that is not visible to you. The best sort of protection would be to have complete network visibility. This will be of help especially when you can right away spot any irregularities that are being conducted through your network and put a stop to them right away. 

NGFW should be able to give you a comprehensive view of your network. It should be able to show you the complete picture of your network so that you are able to detect threatening activity amongst users, devices, hosts, and networks. 

  • Strong Security And Prevention From Breaches

This is actually the primary job of a firewall. It should be able to effectively prevent breaches. As a result, your organization’s network will remain safe. However, no firewall can provide completely foolproof protection, there will always be threats that will still be able to find a way into your network. But in this case, your next-gen firewall should be able to detect the presence of any malware right away so that you can put up your defence strategies promptly.  


It is highly important to get your next-generation firewall from someplace that is known for its quality control and a good name in the business. Intellect IT is a brand name that is your one-stop solution to network security. 

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