The Benefits of Using a Unified Communication Systems

If your business office is still using a regular phone system, you might as well be stuck in the pre-microcomputer era! With the advent of newer technologies like unified communication systems, you can not only use a single system to manage multiple tools like phone, instant messaging, video conferencing, fax, email and customer service, you can also make your business process more efficient and streamlined. Before we get into the benefits of upgrading to a unified communication system, let’s discuss what it is.

What are Unified Communications?

Unified Communications, or UC for short, encompasses all the various tools we use for communication, both within the office and outside. Not only will this include all kind of messaging tools, voice and video calls, emails and faxes, but also includes any collaboration tools you may use for team collaboration, file sharing, cloud computing, etc.

The Benefits of Unified Communications

The only way of making sure your business continues as usual even during a pandemic and when most of your employees are working remotely is to ensure a steady flow of communication. But when you have 10 different services managing 10 different aspects of communication, it can get difficult to keep track of everything. This is why a good unified communications system is so important. Here are a few more benefits:

Increased efficiency

Because a unified communication system consolidates several different communication technologies into one convenient piece of equipment or software, it makes it far easier and faster for employees to conduct business. Many of these products, such as Digium’s Switchvox (now owned by Sangoma Technologies Corp.) have been designed to allow an organisation’s staff, clients and customers to seamlessly communicate with each other and the business.

Improved collaboration

Whether a staff member is in the office or working remotely, they can easily collaborate in real-time with each other using a number of features such as video conference calls, instant messages, live chats and more. Unified communication systems also incorporate features such as screen sharing and interactive whiteboards, allowing information to be shared and decisions to be made in real-time, regardless of where the employees are located.

Better security and data storage

Most unified communication systems today are cloud-based which ensures you always have a backup of private and sensitive company data, and that all employees can access whatever they need whenever they need it. These systems also allow you to password-protect certain documents and folders and only allow certain authorised individuals to access them.

Additionally, the managed service provider (MSP) you choose should have 24/7 monitoring and assistance services, so in the event of a server going down, you can minimise downtime significantly by getting immediate help. Another benefit of a unified communication system is that data gets stored in multiple locations, so if one system goes down, you can still retrieve data quickly and easily from another source.


Without a unified communication system, chances are that you are going to be paying several different providers for several different services. By combining all your communication and collaboration platforms into one, you save money by the hundreds or even thousands, both on the initial cost of the system as well as long-term costs.

Upgrade the customer experience

A good UCS is more than just a phone system. Not only does it allow your employees to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with each other, but it also enhances the end user’s experience by allowing your staff to offer better solutions and handle situations more effectively. A unified communication system does this by using features such as call queues and IVRs (Interactive Voice Response), ensuring no call is missed, all calls are routed correctly and there are fewer disgruntled customers.

Enhance productivity

Previously, an employee stuck at home because of severe weather, or getting late to work due to a train cancellation would have to wait until he or she got to the office before they could access their files and resume work. This would mean lost productivity. A unified communication system allows the employee to access the data they need from wherever they are, easily make video calls or instant message colleagues while on the train or from home. Never before has this been more important than today, when remote working has become the norm due to frequent lockdowns.

The Best UCS for your business

One of the most superior Unified Communication Systems, Switchvox UC from Digium is a class apart from other UC solutions on the market today. With no costly add-ons, the Switchvox comes integrated with all features, including the associated mobile apps for iPhone, Androids and Blackberry, and Digium’s IP phones. This means that you get all the benefits of a superior UCS, without the additional costs associated with it. Unsure of how the Digium Switchvox will suit your needs? Contact us today for a detailed, personal demonstration.

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