Looking For IT Disaster Recovery in Melbourne?

Does your business have a plan to handle an outage of its IT systems? Does it have a prepared and approved course of action if a deliberate attack is made on your network or if a natural disaster strikes? If work stops, how do you restart it?

IT departments in corporates and IT Administrators in small organisations both face similar risks and hazards. Whilst the scale of threat to bigger business is undoubtedly larger, even small enterprise should not rest on their laurels and assume that viruses, worms or other malicious activities will leave them unaffected. It’s a dangerous policy to assume that the unthinkable will not happen, after all, we purchase insurance for other valuable items or aspects of our lives hoping that the worst will never occur but if it does we have some protection against losing it all.

Planning for failures in systems, infrastructure, communications and other IT platforms that your business relies on is vital for creating a return back to normal, or at least an operable, service. Under the crippling pressure of a significant technology outage the potential for making the wrong decisions is high.

Planning to fail never made so much sense but careful and thorough preparation is key. Ensuring that all outcomes are considered and risks are clearly understood is where the experts at Intellect IT can help. We work with your team to provide specialist business continuity solutions and disaster recovery in Melbourne, contact us today for more information on 1300 799 165.

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