How Can Palo Alto Networks Protect Your Business?

As technology shifts and evolves so do the opportunities as to how we conduct business. Inevitably, the associated online threats also adapt and modify to present new risks. As IT teams grapple with the complexities of safely connecting a wide range of devices and users with differing levels of technology savviness, the requirement to keep business systems secure is greater than ever. Firewalls, as the primary method of protecting these assets from illegitimate access, have progressed to a new generation of inspection, classification and analysis.

In today’s world, it is vital that Administrators of IT systems get a clear picture of the activity going on across their network. Besides the more expected external attempts at breaching security,preparation for internal threats is also required. Is your company confident that it could identify and repel a cyber-attack?

Working with an IT security expert can significantly help with your analysis and selection of the best solution. By taking an impartial overview of the infrastructure, systems and way in which your business utilises technology, a trusted advisor can recommend the most appropriate ways forward, whilst taking in to account future requirements and budgetary restrictions.

Intellect IT have established relationships with a variety of vendors, including Palo Alto Networks, but their neutral recommendations will ensure that the most appropriate solution for your business is not driven by third party incentives. Their consultants bring significant expertise to your organisation and proposed IT solutions are benefitted from solid working relationships with the today’s market leaders in the space.


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