How Can A UTM Firewall Protect Your Business?

Modern business relies heavily on technology. Making full use of the benefits that it can bring is important when streamlining processes and maximising margins. The popularity of web based services continues to rise as companies deploy smarter, more efficient ways to operate. Whilst the advantages are obvious, so too are the pitfalls. How do you secure your business against cyber-attack from the inside, and out, and guard against the myriad of threats that could compromise your data and reputation?

Vendors have responded to the increasing sophistication of intrusions to corporate networks by developing equally advanced devices and software to detect malicious activity. The UTM Firewall has evolved and is characterised by its incorporation of advanced security features in to a single solution. Earlier versions had seen these elements typically deployed separately,with administration difficulties and potential loopholes as a variety of platforms required integration.

Today’s Unified Threat Management firewalls combine a whole raft of aspects such as network protection, antivirus and web filtering that are managed via a single easy to use console.  Real time reporting is simplified and policies can be customised to suit specific requirements and tailored to meet threat levels. System reliability can be monitored and degradation identified swiftly or even prevented before it arises.

The corporate security professionals at Intellect IT understand how your organisation uses technology and will work with your team to ensure robust network security protects your users, systems and data. Contact them now for a presentation on the best solution for your company against today’s online risks.

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