Gigabit WiFi with 802.11ac

The 802.11ac solution with the fastest speeds in the industry

It’s hard to control the explosion of Wi-Fi devices and multimedia applications, but Meru can help you be ready. Tap into the full potential of 802.11ac with Meru Networks’s new AP832 access points. So you can offer gigabit Wi-Fi to your users by:

  • Meeting the challenges of high-density client environments with the newest generation of Wi-Fi.
  • Delivering higher throughput and capacity with two 3×3 802.11ac capable radios.
  • Ensuring application performance by dedicating channels leveraging Meru’s MobileFLEX architecture.

Get ready with the full power of Meru’s 802.11ac AP832 by downloading The Promise of 802.11ac Tech Brief from industry analyst firm, IDC. And learn how Meru’s Wi-Fi solutions can empower your network with ultimate performance.

Download IDC’s The Promise of 802.11ac Tech Brief

Download IDC?s The Promise of 802.11ac Tech Brief

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