Can Meru Networks Help Your Business?

Wi-Fi, it’s everywhere and we now expect it, we also demand it to be fast and reliable too. With a notoriously flaky history of drop outs and weak signals, its evolution has been dramatic. Its penetration in to corporate networks is testament to the efforts of vendors, who have driven the technology and products to new levels of reliability and speed. This has enabled it to stand up to rigorous business demands, where failure or substandard performance is not an option.

With the relatively sudden rise of smart phones, the cloud and mobile working, IT teams have been faced with a completely new technology environment with its own tests, limitations and security concerns. Keeping on top of developments is a big task and one that some departments are unable to achieve, as resources are simply stretched too far already. Partnering with an IT services company can alleviate some of this pressure, as their knowledge is up to date and across the latest products on the market.

Meru Networks

The team at Intellect IT work with Meru Networks to ensure that your business receives top quality information and the some of the best technology currently available. They understand the issues that your organisation faces and will resolve them with a solution that is also within budget.

For a robust, safe and scalable answer to your Local Area Network Wi-Fi headaches, ask the team for more information on how they can help your company. Receive frank advice from an organisation that strives to put affordable and effective technology at the heart of your operations.

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