All You Need To Know About UTM Firewalls

In the past, a firewall only filtered traffic on the basis of IP addresses and ports. Firewalls have evolved now to much more advanced forms that can keep a check on the state of the network connections that pass through the device. This is why these new firewalls are called stateful. However, network threats have also become more complex with time. Different organizations kept working on their defence systems to combat these evolved cyber threats. 

Approaches Before UTM Firewalls

These organizations formulated various approaches like:

  • A stateful firewall with packet inspection allowed outbound and inbound traffic through the network. 
  • An extra web proxy filtered URLs and content while it also scanned via antivirus services. 
  • An IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) was often launched to check and block suspicious traffic. 
  • There is also a need for a spam filtering appliance that could filter phishing attempts and junk emails. 
  • VPN servers establish connections between remote offices and company resources. 

The cyber security threats kept evolving and conventional stateful appliances could not be expanded to a scale large enough to cover growing businesses. The systems became so complex because there were new bits and pieces everywhere that had to be managed separately. In an attempt to make sure that all bases were covered against a cyberattack, there was too much to be handled at the same time. This definitely left a big gap in the cyber security market that needed to be covered to make things easier. 

What Is UTM?

A lot of vendors started to come out with their own versions of cyber security products. They claimed that these new products were “all-in-one”. A new name was selected for these firewalls: UTM or Unified Threat Management. These new firewalls could merge many types of cyber security measures into one device that could provide extensive network security against different types of attacks. 

In order to make the reporting and managing of this device easier, the manufacturers created a one-stop management interface that could enable the users to centrally manage all features, services and policies. Companies no longer needed to purchase multiple products for their network security with different management consoles. Now everything came under one umbrella.

Benefits Of UTM Firewalls

  • UTM firewall provides protection to outbound and inbound traffic against different types of attacks and threats. 
  • Anti-spyware, anti-malware and antivirus services can run at the same time to stop attacks at the main gateway. 
  • Integrated Intrusion Prevention stops the threats from exploiting vulnerabilities.
  • It provides email filtering which helps in blocking email-borne threats and spam. 
  • Web content and websites can be monitored and controlled from the same dashboard at the centre. 
  • It has an improved bandwidth management and quality of service which helps in better control over the traffic flow. 
  • UTM Firewalls help in working remotely because they enable the user to connect to remote locations easily via site-to-site VPN. 

With the introduction of UTM firewalls, there was an increase in network security all around. The reduced cost and complexity helped small businesses in getting their hands on it to get access to advanced security. It is the small businesses that used to suffer before because they could not get their hands on good quality network security options and hiring experienced IT talent was always expensive. 

Role Of IT Support Companies And UTM

IT support in Melbourne is all about providing businesses with top-notch network security so that they are able to use their systems safely. UTM is a big part of this cybersecurity. IT support companies like Intellect IT can set you up with UTM to give you a one-stop solution to all your internet security needs. 

If you are a business that does not have a dedicated IT department then you should place a call to Intellect IT for any assistance that you may require. IT support services are there to make things easier for businesses. They offer various packages for varying types of services that you can opt for. 

The biggest benefit of having an IT support service onboard is that you will never be left high and dry in case you run into an IT crisis. The support staff will pitch in right away. 

IT support services evaluate businesses and find out their weaknesses. This helps them in formulating well-suited and customized solutions for their clients. They use a combination of hardware and software solutions to help you in staying within your budget but with a foolproof internet security plan. 


UTM has indeed changed the world of network security but you still need a reliable and experienced IT support company to set up everything for you. They can provide the relevant training that your staff needs to operate any hardware and software that they install. Whether you are a small business or a large business, IT support services can help you in many ways. 

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