2017 is Your Year to Get Protected: As told by Melbourne’s leaders in Computer Network Support

Melbourne businesses are urged to keep their guard up and Network’s protected in 2017, as cyber attacks are well and truly on the rise. Everyone witnessed, first hand, the attacks on the Australian census late last year, signifying that even Government websites can fall prey to this kind of malicious online behavior. Now, as the operation of modern businesses exist online, there’s no better timeto ensure your business’Networks are up-to-date and protected.

Today, not one company would be found without a computer in it. In fact, most work has been entirely transported online for a majority of Australian businesses. As such, we’ve relinquished a level of control over the security of our data. The good news? Intellect IT provide comprehensive computer network support that not only connects users across multiple platforms, locations and devices, but also establishes & manages the security of your IT Network. Best of all, Intellect are adaptable across multiple technologies, eliminating the need for costly “rip and replace” solutions. Whatever it is you’re using, Intellect IT have the skills and expertise to provide quality monitoring services, management and maintenance, so you can stay focused on vital business decisions as we take care of the rest.

Keep your mind on the job at hand by letting Intellect IT provide comprehensive security solutions for your business. For more information on Melbourne’s leading computer network support company, visit https://www.intellectit.com.au/what-we-offer/networks/ or call 1300 799 165 to speak directly with a trained professional.

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