Time Saving Mouse Tricks For Your Web Browser

On a Windows based PC, the mouse likely has three movable elements: a right button, a left button, and a scroll wheel.

That wheel is great for scrolling up and down a web page, inside a window, or even through a word document. But that wheel can be used inside your web browser in other ways too.

Depending on the version of Windows you are running and the type of mouse you are using, there can be dozens of configurable settings for a mouse. Including scrolling and scroll speed.

Here’s six ways to use your scroll wheel in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox web browsers:

Scroll Effortlessly

Scrolling up and down a web page can be tedious. A better way to scroll is to click (push down) the mouse wheel and then move your mouse in the direction you want to scroll. Your web browser will then automatically scroll though the web page.

You can also scroll horizontally, particularly useful if your mouse’s scroll wheel does not tilt to the left or right. You can change direction when scrolling by moving your mouse in the new direction. When you want the scrolling to stop, left click the web page.

Scrolling speed depends on how far you move the mouse when you initiate the scroll. The farther you move it, the faster the scroll speed. Speed can also depend on how many lines the mouse is configured to scroll at one time.

Open a Link in a New Tab

Click a link on most websites and it loads in the current tab by default. But there’s an easy way to have that link open in a new tab. Click the link with the scroll wheel. Much faster than right-clicking and selecting “Open link in new tab”, and less clunky than holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the link.

Open a Bookmark in a New Tab

Click a bookmark with the scroll wheel and it will open in a new tab. Useful if your web browser opens bookmarks in the current tab by default.

Open All Bookmarks in a Folder

Use the scroll wheel to click a folder containing bookmarks and your web browser will open each bookmark in a separate tab. Added bonus of this capability, you can put all the bookmarks for the web pages you visit each day into one folder. Then, when you want to open those pages, wheel click that folder.

Close a Tab

To quickly close a tab, click the scroll wheel anywhere on the tab.

Navigate Backward and Forward

If your mouse scroll wheel tilts to the left and right, you can use this capability for navigation. Clicking the wheel when it is tilted left is equivalent to using the “Back” button. Clicking the wheel when it is tilted right is comparable to using the “Forward” button.

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