Still Unsure About Moving To The Cloud?

Are you still concerned about having your data in the cloud? Discover the truth about cloud computing.

According to the 2015 Cloud Security Spotlight Report the popularity of cloud computing has surged dramatically. Of the 1,010 participants involved, around 70% percent said they use or plan to use a cloud computing solution. But some businesses still remain apprehensive.

The Common Concerns

In no particular order, businesses hesitant to adopt cloud computing are often concerned with:

  • Security. By far the biggest concern. Businesses are afraid their data will not be as safe in the cloud, as it is in their on-premise systems.
  • Control. Some businesses feel they will lose control of their data if they move it to the cloud. It’s more assuring to know they have it nearby.
  • Compatibility. Businesses fear critical applications will not be compatible with cloud computing solutions.
  • A Passing fad. Some businesses feel the cloud is just another passing phase. If they were to adopt the cloud, they believe their IT systems would become obsolete at the coming of the next technological marvel.

Discover What’s Right For You And Your Business

Fears about the cloud come from a lack of understanding or misinformation. A little bit of knowledge will help ease any apprehension.The 2015 Computerworld Forecast survey suggests around 40% IT executives surveyed predict they’ll increase their spend on cloud-based services such as software as a service (SaaS). They are also likely to utilize a mix of public, private, hybrid, and community clouds.

Using the internet as a research tool for cloud security is not helpful. For every piece that states it’s safe, you’ll find one that says it’s not. The best way to understand cloud security is to talk to an IT expert. You can discuss the security needs specific to your data and applications, and determine if the cloud is a good fit for your business. You’ll then be able to decide on cloud options best suited for you and your business, that also keep your data safe and under your control.

And if any of your applications are incompatible with the cloud, a quality IT expert can help you find a suitable replacement.

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