At last, keyboard shortcuts for Windows that you’ll actually remember and use.

With so many Windows applications nowadays, there’s probably hundreds of keyboard shortcuts you could use.

With so many Windows applications nowadays, there’s probably hundreds of keyboard shortcuts you could use. But instead of trying to remember which shortcut does what, here’s 9 versatile shortcuts that can potentially work across many Microsoft and/or third-party applications.

1. Ctrl+A

Press these keys together and it selects everything in a folder or application window. Handy for bulk copy/paste jobs

2. Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End

Quickly jump to the top or bottom of your file. Ctrl+Home moves your cursor immediately to the top without scrolling. Ctrl+End makes it jump to the end.

3. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

Copy / paste. Use it for text, images, files and folders, no matter what application you are using. Highlight something and press Ctrl+C to copy. Open up the new location and press Ctrl+V to paste it there.

4. Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V

Cut / paste. Cut takes away the file from its original location, and lets you paste it elsewhere. The item you ‘cut’ is placed on the clipboard so if you need to put it back in its original place, press Ctrl+V. Careful though, because if you cut an item, and then copy another, you might lose the first item you cut.

5. Ctrl+Backspace

Press backspace to delete one character at a time, or press the Ctrl key and tap Backspace to delete one word at a time. Delete sentences faster without using a mouse to highlight multiple words.

6. Ctrl+S

Save. Reduce the chance of losing work by saving often. Pressing Ctrl+S is an easy way to do this.

7. Ctrl+Z

Undo. Filled in the wrong cell in excel? Press this to undo your last action. Works in heaps of applications not just windows ones. Press it more than once to undo several consecutive actions.

8. Ctrl+Y

Repeats your last action. For example, if you want to put your phone number in two places, you can type it in the first location, then move your cursor to the next, and press Ctrl+Y.

Use this shortcut to redo an action that you just undid if you used Ctrl+Z.

9. Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, and Ctrl+U

Bold, Italic, Underline. In apps that allow these three types of formatting such as boldface, italics, and underlines, use them to quickly apply the format of choice.

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