5 Reasons your business needs to virtualise its servers.

Smart business is all about doing more with less. And server virtualization is one way to put this into practice.

Smart business is all about doing more with less. And server virtualization is one way to put this into practice. Virtualization will allow you to run multiple servers inside one larger server, with each one operating as its own virtual machine. This self-contained approach has some great advantages, whilst also offering flexibility, and scale.

Here are five ways server virtualization can help your business:

1. Better resource utilisation

The virtualisation host servers today are more advanced and powerful than models from the past. With multiple CPU’s, each with numerous processing cores, and huge RAM capacities, virtualising your physical servers will allow you to tap into these available resources, giving more power to the machines you already have.

2. Reduced Costs

By way of virtualising your existing servers, you’re reducing the number of physical servers. This lowers hardware expenditure significantly, not to mention ongoing maintenance costs. It could also result in less electricity to run them all or keep them cool. Businesses with fewer servers need fewer people to manage them.

3. Managing old OS’s

Some businesses still use mission-critical applications that can only run on older operating systems. These OS’s are more vulnerable to security issues such as cyberattacks. Virtualisation allows you to migrate these apps off to their own dedicated virtual server, that runs and older OS. This helps you to mitigate the security risks, and let you create newer better servers for your other business operational requirements.

4. Quick Disaster Recovery

Failures and breaches happen, but with server virtualization you can quickly recover. Virtualisation host servers can be constructed to keep an exact copy of everything that’s on them, including local data. If disaster strikes, you can re-create virtual machines in minutes. Handy for major OS upgrades. If the entire host server fails, you can re-create your virtualised machines on another host server.

5. Simplified Management

Hosts Servers include an admin console that lets you monitor and manage all of your virtual machines inside a single pane of glass. You can see in real time which ones are using what levels of resources. You can easily adjust the amount of memory, storage capacity, and processors allocated to any given virtual machine.

Increased Benefits with Reduced Risk

The benefits of migrating away from physical to virtual servers are many. But server virtualization is not easy to set up. You need to carefully design and consider, then implement a solution in stages. A staged approach ensures the safe migration of your mission-critical IT assets, reducing any significant downtime. If you’d like to learn more about how virtualisation can save you money and increase your IT reliability, give us a call.

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