The Intellect IT team

Deep expertise, responsive personal service

To provide the right people to support your business, the Intellect IT team combines the expertise of a highly experienced group of IT and communications professionals. Our team have lives outside of business and we know that you do too. When it comes to business though, we work tirelessly to ensure that your business and communication systems work as expected. We know that building strong relationships is the key to understanding your business and providing the best possible IT and communications support.


Max Soukhomlinov

Max Soukhomlinov – Director

Max brings to every Intellect IT customer engagement, energy and a passion for finding the best possible solution.

With a zest for life, Max enjoys travelling, good food and wine and taking unforgettable photos of his experiences.

Drawing on his extensive international experience across a range of industries and organisations, Max is particularly interested in helping businesses grow through the most efficient use of technology.

Roy Solterbeck

Roy Solterbeck – Director

Intellect IT’s clients appreciate Roy’s approachable and open nature as it ensures a high level of trust is quickly developed.

Having spent his early years as a dive instructor, professional life guard and resort manager, Roy revels in the outdoors. This has continued with his love of scuba diving, fishing and triathlons – assuming his body continues to co-operate.

As a ‘can-do’ person, Roy makes sure any matters are quickly and professionally dealt with and drives this behaviour throughout the Intellect IT team.

Stephen Allan

Stephen Allan – Director

With over 16 years in the IT industry working with a diverse range of technology, businesses and industry groups, Stephen has built a reputation for honesty and straight-talking that Intellect IT customers really value.

Combined with his strong analytical approach, and technical knowledge, he is able to cut through to the heart of any problem, providing clarity on the best way to move forward.

This approach also serves him well with his passion for the outdoors, world travel and dealing with his two energetic young boys who are still trying to work out how to outsmart their dad!

Bryan Ballard

Bryan Ballard – Engineering Team Leader

It might be a cliche, but Bryan really does live and breathe technology. With a devotion to customer service, he is focused on ensuring his team can consistently deliver a successful outcome for all Intellect IT clients.

His love of skiing and travelling means he sometimes spends too much winter time away from the AFL where he is a diehard supporter of…… well, perhaps you should ask him yourself!

Bryan has a BA in Information Systems and Business (International Business, International Trade), and certifications in VM Ware VCP, Citrix ICA, SonicWall NSA.

Simon Clark

Simon Clark – Service Delivery Manager

With a diverse management and customer service background spanning 25 years and industries from retail to education, Simon brings a wealth of experience to the Service Delivery Manager role.

Always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of service delivery, Simon is single minded in pursuit of his vision of enhancing the overall customer experience for Intellect IT clients.

As a keen sports bike rider he can be found most weekends in the hills of outer-Melbourne, which keeps him young enough to keep up with his two teenage children who still complain when he pinches their Nikes.

David Longva

David Longva – Service Desk Team Leader

When it comes to managing the day to day workload of engineers, it pays to have great attention to detail, thoroughness and a good supply of Chocolate in case of long nights.

Having worked extensively in IT, David’s knowledge combined with his friendly and honest approach has served him well in keeping the Intellect IT engineering team working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

David brings the same efficiency and attention to detail to his love of cooking, regularly entertaining his friends and family.